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Meet our healthy, 100% Aussie Vegie Combo

Vegie Magic Classic Vegie Burger

Made by blending a medley of choice vegetables with other real ingredients and spices our Vegie Combo products have always been colourful, fresh tasting, healthy and vegan. Now they're fully fledged Australians - made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients!

Four-Star Health Rating

Containing 79% Australian vegies and made without adding sugar or preservatives, the Vegie Combo earns four stars under the new Australian health labelling regulations. Its low in fat, saturated fat and sugar and the vegie burger contains 1 standard serve of vegies making it easier and enjoyable to eat 5aday!

Share with vegetarian and vegan friends

As Vegie Combo products contain no animal, egg or dairy ingredients they can be easily shared as a snack or meal with vegetarian and vegan friends and family without having to cater specially. Turn them into exciting burgers, plate them for snacks and meals or even serve them up for breakfast as a stack.

Learn more

Visit our Vegie Magic website to learn more about the full Vegie Combo range and our wide range of gourmet vegie products, contact us via our enquiry form or call Robyn on (03) 9706 7800.

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