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Vegetable burgers
(including Gluten free)

Classic Vegetable Burger

Filo Pastries

Filo Parcel

Prepared Meals

Prepared Meal

Our customers include many caterers, club and function managers who are looking to serve affordable five star quality foods to their customers - whether they are vegetarians or meat lovers.

Vegetable burgers can be quickly cooked using a sandwich press, grill, microwave or oven. We have customers using them in burgers, as alternatives to hash browns, as bases for egg and bacon dishes, inside wraps and in many other creative and tasty ways.

Our speciality gourmet foods such as filo pastries, pies, pasta meals, pate and frittatas are five star quality. This ensures your catering will be immediately appreciated and not forgotten. All products are available in a range of sizes and flavours including products suitable for vegetarians.

If you have a specific product or need we may also be able to assist your catering with our contract manufacturing service.

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