Food Coffee Friends

Food Coffee Friends Cafe The Food Coffee Friends Café and Take-Away is a hidden treasure located in Heathmont Shopping Village. Pam and her friendly staff regularly use and sell our gourmet vegie burgers alongside their other home made food and coffee. .

“We serve the Classic Vegie Burger for breakfast and lunch to many customers - not just vegetarians and vegans”, says founder and owner Pam Weavers. Food Coffee Friends also sell the vegie burgers individually or in frozen packs for customers to take home and cook themselves."

“For breakfast we use the Classic as a base and stack eggs, bacon and other fresh ingredients on top. For lunch we heat it up and serve it with a relish or salad. I always have the Cheese and Vegie burger in the freezer at home and my kids choose the vegie burgers over a meat patty 9 times out of 10!”

Pam has recently added new gourmet vegan burgers to her menu and freezer stock in response to a growing number of enquiries for vegan products. “Customers often drop in to pick up ready to heat foods on their way home and are looking to cater for all members of the family - many kids are now choosing to be vegetarian or vegan and it is so great they are quick and easy to prepare.”

Find them at: 151 Canterbury Rd, Heathmont or on facebook.